Gilda trotted up to the restaurant. Seeing Greif by the tables, she walked over. He was large, but he WAS handsome…

The big griffon saw Gilda coming. “Ey, you’re finally here. Why did it take so long?” He asks.


~Greif Greytalon and Gilda eating dinner together~

Gilda ran to the restaurant that grief had told her. She didn’t know how she possibly ended up with a date, but she didn’t want to miss it!

The big griffon was lying outside of the restaurant at a table, it was easier to get a table outside than inside, due to his size.


She gulped, backing up and fluffing her feathers to seem larger. “I uhh…no…I just…wasn’t paying attention.”

The bigger griffon keeps looking at the female griffon, when he moves his head down to get closer to her and he begins to smile, showing his big sharp teeth.

"What do you say when you bumped into someone else?" He asks the smaller griffon.

Greifgreytalon has followed you


Gilda was walking along on the road, but bumped into another griffon. She backed up, starting with her usual “hey, watch i-” but paused, seeing this griffon seemed to be much larger than her.

The big griffon was walking through Ponyville, after a long day of training, when suddenly something bumps into him, he looks down and sees a smaller griffon with a white plumage and purple eye marks, from the form of the beak he would guess that the griffon that just bumped into him was female.

"Are you blind?" The big griffon asks with his calmest voice.

That smaller griffon must be blind, he’s huge and it should be difficult not to see him.

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